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Creating my life's work and feel great doing it.

This is it. I am sharing my own journey building a digital business on an Island. Hope it helps : )

I got to a crossroad, I had to choose to continue on my 5 year plan with a small pivot, OR uproot (again) and go for the BIG dream 🙂

Migrate back to the rock

work remotely,

build a sustainable, comfortable life in Jamaica,

make a difference,

and.... start a family?

Format each of your headings below to Heading 2 to keep your post neat and SEO-friendly.

I just wanted to feel balanced. Everyday i want to be filled with meaningful work, real resets, grounding activities and nurturing energy. Holistic health and wellness at the core of my existence.

Welcome to 1 on 1 DIGITAL MEDIA - my life's work.

I have a passion for working with enthusiastic entrepreneurs in creating beautiful brands and implementing digital marketing strategies to meet their goals.

I started my business from the LOVE of helping someone take their vision and passions from head, to paper, plan, and bring it to LIFE. I find great pleasure in being apart of someone's success story.

What got me here?

Previously, I had fallen into the world of sales and that's when I learnt that I seriously had a knack for it. I genuinely love the companies that I worked for. The experiences, skills and friendships I gained from working with amazing companies like Bell, Rogers and Flight Centre are invaluable.

I rocked the sales world and then went on to manage Fight Centre's one of a kind, new concept, hybrid stores. This was one of my proudest moments. We were in charge of booking both leisure and business clients, in which both require a different set of skills to acquire and manage the different account types. That experience gave me the courage that I needed to take off on my own and to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone.


I like to think of myself as a go getter, savvy problem solver, active listener, and expert in sales, marketing and customer experiences.

I aim to combine my strengths, areas of expertise and passions in what I do everyday.

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